cat mai

Hi! I'm a senior studying Mathematics and Computer science at Clark University. I'm applying for PhD programs in Computer science for Fall 2022 entry.

I am working with Prof. Michael Satz on Markov chain Monte Carlo, specifically in building models through Bayesian data analysis. This will be my senior thesis. [repo] (not too much yet).
Summer 2021, I worked with Prof. Jeff Huang (Brown HCI) on Automotion, using phone's motion replay and finger pressure to predict emotion and attention levels.

Previously, I worked on Social media analysis and online civic engagement, specifically through video sharing with Prof. Shuo Niu. We look at YouTube-based social media campaigns and special support groups to investigate participation patterns. These patterns help us understand how video-sharing platforms could support event collaboration.

* = equal contribution

Conference papers
#TeamTrees: Investigating How YouTubers Participate in a Social Media Campaign
Shuo Niu, Cat Mai, Katherine G. McKim, and D. Scott McCrickard
CSCW '21 [pdf]

#StayHome #WithMe: How Do YouTubers Help With COVID-19 Loneliness?
Shuo Niu, Ava Bartolome*, Cat Mai*, Nguyen B. Ha*
CHI '21 [pdf]

Predicting Emotion and Attention from Smartphone Behavioral Data
Dinithi Silva-Sassaman, Cat Mai, Jing Qian, Jeff Huang
Clark Fall Fest '21 [pdf]

Investigating Drug Addiction Discourse on YouTube
Katherine McKim, Cat Mai, Danielle Hess, Shuo Niu
CSCW '21 [pdf]

How YouTubers Participate in a Social Media Campaign: A Culture-Based Analysis of #TeamTrees
Cat Mai
Clark Winter Fest '21 [pdf]

“Odd One Out”: Model Based Biology in an ESL Classroom
Cat Mai*, Tina Chiem*, Anisha Hassan*
Clark Fall Fest '19 [pdf]


Go is my biggest hobby!
I play Go competitively at regional, sometimes national, tournaments. I managed to win the US Open 6k division in 2018! It sounds more impressive than it actually is.

In summer 2020, I helped organizing the US' very first e-Go Congress and co-directed the US Open. We had around 1000 attendees and I'm still very proud of it :)

I eat a lot of apples on a regular basis. Some varieties.