Cat Mai

Hi! I am a Computer Science PhD student at NYU Tandon, advised by Damon McCoy. My current research interests are in user privacy and social media.

During my undergrad, I worked on social media analysis and parasocial relationship on YouTube with Prof. Shuo Niu. I also worked with Prof. Jeff Huang (Brown HCI) on Automotion, using phone's motion replay and finger pressure to predict emotion and attention levels.

* = equal contribution

Conference papers
#TeamTrees: Investigating How YouTubers Participate in a Social Media Campaign
Shuo Niu, Cat Mai, Katherine G. McKim, and D. Scott McCrickard
CSCW '21 [pdf]

#StayHome #WithMe: How Do YouTubers Help With COVID-19 Loneliness?
Shuo Niu, Ava Bartolome*, Cat Mai*, Nguyen B. Ha*
CHI '21 [pdf]

Predicting Emotion and Attention from Smartphone Behavioral Data
Dinithi Silva-Sassaman, Cat Mai, Jing Qian, Jeff Huang
Clark Fall Fest '21 [pdf] [website]

Investigating Drug Addiction Discourse on YouTube
Katherine McKim, Cat Mai, Danielle Hess, Shuo Niu
CSCW '21 [pdf]

How YouTubers Participate in a Social Media Campaign: A Culture-Based Analysis of #TeamTrees
Cat Mai
Clark Winter Fest '21 [pdf]

“Odd One Out”: Model Based Biology in an ESL Classroom
Cat Mai*, Tina Chiem*, Anisha Hassan*
Clark Fall Fest '19 [pdf]


In my free time, I boulder, indoor garden, and play Go/weiqi. I also eat a lot of apples. Some varieties.

If you're applying for PhD programs, one version of my Statement of Purpose and CV at the time. I've benefitted from the help of many and I'm happy to return the favor.